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Meet a mum - Leyla

From time to time, we’d like to share with you mums that we’ve met along the way who have become very much a part of the yoomi family. Say hello to Leyla and her gorgeous girl, Evelyn … who’s causing trouble already with a whole lot of broodiness at yoomi HQ!

Name: Leyla Brooke
Age 21 + 7 years! [ok 28]
Where do you live? Sheffield
How did you meet yoomi? Met the lovely yoomi team at the NEC Baby Show and have kept in touch ever since
What’s your guilty pleasure? Eating my secret chocolate stash!

On being a Mum:

How many children do you have? 1
Names and ages? Evelyn 9 months
Feeding highs/lows? lows – Being made to feel inadequate as a Mum when my daughter would not put on weight due to breastfeeding, highs – the bed time cuddle feed.
Best thing about being a mum? All of it
Most challenging bit about being a mum? Having to say ‘no’.
A typical day? lots of play, lots of cuddles and lots of giggles. Busy, busy, busy!
Looking forward to? All her firsts, her first steps, her first birthday, her first Ma Ma etc.
Top tip? Every baby is different, trust your instinct, and enjoy every second.

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