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Calling all mums

Whether you’re new to breastfeeding, or simply want to know more about it, the yoomi team have put together five handy tips to get you on the path to breastfeeding…

Just relax… always remember that both you and your little one are learning
Find the best position… it’s important that you’re comfortable
Pace yourself… experts suggest that you start with 10-15 minutes per breast at first until you get acclimated
Don’t follow a feeding schedule… the best way to ensure your baby is getting the right amount of milk is to breastfeed on your baby’s hunger cues
Eat & drink plenty… we all know how tiring it can be, so make sure you keep your energy levels up. Drinking cold water can aslo defer the pain!

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask… Organisations like The Breastfeeding Network and NCT are very helpful or simply ask other mums who are going through the same thing!

And… When it comes to breastfeeding mums wanting to express (so dad can take over the night feeds!), yoomi is the only bottle that will return mum’s milk to perfect breast milk temperature protecting all the nutrients in baby’s feed!

So good luck and happy breastfeeding everyone!

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