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yoomi has been selected as one of the top 15 British inventions of the last decade. The yoomi warmer is super clever:

Safe: breast milk temperature - every time … helping to preserve the nutrients in your baby’s feed. yoomi is 100% bpa free.

Quick: warms feed in just 60 seconds, quicker than any other warmer on the market.

Great value: the warmer can be used up to 300 times ... that’s 10p per mobile feed.

Time–saving: recharges in the yoomi pod in just 2 mins.

Portable: lightweight and easy to transport ... fits into even the smallest of bags

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how the warmer works

Clever Bit How The Warmer Works

The yoomi bottle contains a unique warmer that is activated by pressing the orange button. This triggers the internal solution to warm the unit in just 60 seconds.

The cold feed is gently warmed as it flows through the specially designed channels on the outside of the warmer. By the time the feed reaches the teat, it is at natural breast milk temperature (32-34 deg C).

The warmer has been carefully designed to stay warm for up to one hour.



Clever Bit Safe Contents

All yoomi parts are 100% bpa free, meet the highest safety standards and have undergone extensive testing by an array of experts.

The warmer contains the same gel used in hand warmers. The gel is a non-toxic, concentrated salt solution (it is used as an additive in ice cream).

Just to be extra safe, we have added a food grade colourant so that any leaks are visible, and Bitrex®, a safe but bitter substance that will ensure that even if there is a leak, baby will not swallow any of the solution.



Clever Bit Yoomi Can Not Overheat

Our main concern is baby's safety and comfort. To that end, our team of highly skilled engineers and designers have developed a high performance baby bottle that gently warms baby's feed to the right temperature, quickly and safely.

Our engineers have designed the yoomi system so that it is impossible for baby's feed to be warmed above a safe, maximum temperature*. This means that there is no possibility of baby being exposed to unsafe temperatures from either the bottle or the warmer.

* when warmer is used as instructed



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Our naturally shaped anti-colic teats are 100% BPA free.

The six anti-colic vents allow the air to pass out of the teat rather than bubbling through the feed when baby drinks. This can help prevent colic and offers a relaxed and comforting feed.



Clever Bit Yoomi Most Hygienic Warmer

The yoomi warmer is the quickest, smartest and most hygienic warmer on the market. Conventional bottle warmers warm the entire bottle of feed allowing warm feed to sit for a long time (great for the germs!). yoomi, on the other hand leaves the feed cool until baby’s sucking action draws it around the warmer... only warming the feed as baby drinks.

And, unlike conventional bottle warmers, the feed doesn’t cool down, yoomi provides a constant temperature feed (just like mum does!) for a soothing and less interrupted feeding experience.


yoomi's cutting edge technology

The latest engineering simulation technology was used to develop the baby bottle for the 21st Century.

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meet our engineers

Our highly skilled engineers have been perfecting yoomi since 2005 to create the high performance product it is today.

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